Live from the studio

Last weekend was spent at Landslide Studios in Asheville, North Carolina laying down bass & drum tracks for my first EP.  Being in the studio is, I think, one of my favorite experiences ever.  Yes, EVER, as in, my life up to now.

For one, all the attention is on me, which is how I like it to be.  Secondly, my producer/sound engineer Andrew Schatzberg is wonderful and has made the process not only non-stressful but really fun.  My friend Danielle took some of these photos of me, Andrew, bass player James Hines, and drummer Peter Councell figuring out the drum & bass arrangements for three of my songs.  (For a video of the process, click here.)

On Saturday we got drum and bass down for 3 songs – “Be Still,” “Begin to Sing,” and “Weathermaker.”  On Sunday we got electric bass on “Words Left Unsaid” and standup bass from my bud Cornelius Lewis on “What I Love to Be” and “A Thousand Eyes.”

SO MANY MICS for the drum kit!!!

My next 4 days in the studio will be Dec. 9-12 when I’ll finish my guitar tracks and vocals and then have guests come in to play cello, piano, mandolin, etc.  It’s gonna be fun fun fun… HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Y’ALL.  Luckily I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  ❤

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