In case you had not heard the news…

I am currently recording my first EP at Landslide Studios in Asheville, North Carolina which will feature 7 of my original songs:

1. A Thousand Eyes

2. What I Love to Be

3. The Weathermaker

4. The Minor Chord Song

5. Words Left Unsaid

6. Begin to Sing

7. Be Still

I am expecting the CD to be released in mid-March 2011, but if you would like to be notified when it is available for download on iTunes, etc., please join my mailing list by clicking the “Join my Mailing List!” link in the sidebar.  Many thanks to the kind folks who helped me raise over $2,000 to cover recording/production costs via my Kickstarter project (which is now closed.)  Thank you to all for your continued support!  MUAH.

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