ARB reviewed in Independent Weekly “Hearing Aid” Guide to the Week’s Concerts

10 / 27

Anna Rose Beck, Hope for Agoldensummer, Effingham @ The Pinhook

With Anna Rose Beck, it’s all about the voice.  Sure, the tender but lush arrangements of her reserved modern folk resound with bittersweet pedal steel and intricate fingerpicking, but they would be nothing without Beck’s truly special air.  Seeming at once both bold and understated, she manages piercing reverberations without having to reach.  The result is moving and hypnotic, brimming with passion but never overpowering.  Built of tasteful but still vibrant harmonies and similarly solid arrangements, the stripped-back folk of Athens’ Hope for Agoldensummer should pair nicely with Beck.  –Jordan Lawrence

$6 / 9 pm

Half of the proceeds from the door will go towards the Pinhook’s Kickstarter project for a new sound system.

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