New video: Accidental Lullaby

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Thanks to Elana Mie Scheiner (cello) and Mary Caton Lingold (fiddle)!

Written and recorded by Anna Rose Beck.

If this song it were a river
I would wash your body clean
And if that river were a moon beam
I would shine on pretty things
And if that moonbeam lit the ocean
I would keep you safe at sea
And with those waves I’d rock you
I would roll you into me

And all through time
I would be here by your side
By and by
Hallelujah hallelai
I will write accidental lullabies
I will write accidental lullabies

If this song it were a shepherd
I would help you count your sheep
And if that shepherd had a shadow
I would follow at your feet
And if that shadow were created
By the sunset through the trees
With my shepherd sunset shadow
I would lull you into sleep

And all through time…

If this song it were a paintbrush
I would paint you here with me
And if your dream should call for music
I’d paint you a tambourine
Hey Mr. Tambourine Man
Won’t you play your song for me?
And we would be alone together
Painting landscapes for your sweetest dreams

released 26 August 2012
Mary Caton Lingold (fiddle), Elana Mie Scheiner (cello), Anna Rose Beck (acoustic guitar, vocals, piano)

dorm room YouTube videos

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Beginning with dorm room YouTube videos that caught the eye of local promoters, Anna Rose Beck was hastily ushered onto the local folk stage. While still quite raw and uncut, Beck’s early performances trialed style and composure. Her solo act became a duo with a cellist, soon percussion was invited in. Successes with mixing more hands in the music eventually lead to a sprawling six person folk rock outfit with a proper forty-five minute set built for the club circuit. Most of us following Beck at that time hoped to be dazzled by a surprise arrangement of instruments and musicians on any given night and the anticipation of who would be on stage was half of the entertainment. It was a performance of changes and for those who seek folk music for the appreciation of the art, Beck was unknowingly providing a rare opportunity to watch it move and see where it went.

The performance continues. With influences still gathering and self-image as a songwriter half drawn, Beck’s performances are intimate…vulnerable. Gently plucking an acoustic guitar and simmering through lines of heart broken joy, her eyes invite both reflections of the past and dreams of what may lie ahead. Imagining once again how playing it differently will feel, Beck invites us back to her beginnings…solo, with a guitar and a story.

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New song & video! “Where the River Ends”

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Oh I found the place where the river ends
where a fiddler plays and the notes he bends
And the hangnail moon is faithful til the end
Oh I found the place where the river ends

Oh I found the place where the truth ceases to be
As the pages turn and the words begin to breathe
And a writer’s heart within those pages beats
Oh I found the place where the truth ceases to be

Oh I found the tree where the lonely mockingbird
Sings songs through the night, songs that have no words
And there is no refrain, just one never-ending verse
Oh I found the tree with the lonely mockingbird

But there is one bridge I will have to cross alone
To the river’s end, and then I will be home
And I hear that it is dangerous to look down as I go
Oh there is one bridge I will have to cross alone

Oh I found the place where true love stands next to me
One glowing light, and a voice so smooth and sweet
And forever I will grow, here in ecstasy
Oh I found the place where true love stands next to me

Oh I found the place where the blind man he can see
The sad man laughing, their burdens are released
And the night breathes as it rocks their cradle out to sea
Oh I found the place where the blind man he can see

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Gimme Five! Anna Rose Beck

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In 2011, Anna Rose Beck released her debut EP, The Weathermaker, a seven song showcase of her fingerpicked acoustic guitar lines and lovely melodies. It’s not a bad start, especially for someone who picked up music late in life (specifically one summer spent not studying for her biomedical engineering degree at Duke) and taught herself to play and sing.

So sure, Beck’s got the chops and the guts to face down Duke professors and audiences alike, but can she handle our five questions? See for yourself after the jump.

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VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE.  Spent a marvelous afternoon recording Laurelyn Dossett’s song Vote Against Amendment 1 with the FABULOUS cellist (& singer!) Elana Mie Scheiner. Recorded by Roger M. Gupton who does not appear on film (because he’s shy…) but also contributed backing vocals and a mean egg shaker. I love having such talented friends!!

If you live in North Carolina, don’t forget to VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT 1 MAY 8! For election info go here: