The Cavern Tavern, 10.14.2010

We had a really great show at the Cave in Chapel Hill this past Thursday!!  A ton of people came out, which was such a great feeling and a ton of fun.  Plus, I got to share the stage with Amber Dutton (from D.C.), Darien Crossley (from Asheville), and some incredibly generous and talented friends of mine who played with me during my set: John Mooney on guitar/harp, Sabina Barton on keys/vocals, and Jerry Moxley on mandolin.  Here are some photos from the show, provided courtesy of the lovely ladies at SideYard Studios.  (I apologize for not having video – I even brought my FlipCam with me, but in the excitement right before we went on, I totally forgot about it.)

Anna Rose Beck hits The Road.

This past weekend I left the comforts of North Carolina for my first ever out-of-town show, in Washington, D.C.  I opened for Amber Dutton, a singer/songwriter in D.C. who’ll be returning the favor and opening for me at The Cave this Thursday.  The venue was really cool – a place called BloomBars, which describes itself as a non-profit arts incubator, performance space, art gallery, theater, and center for civic engagement.  Contrary to what its moniker would have you believe, it is not actually a bar; rather, just a stage with a nice sound system and a space for an audience to gather for an intimate performance.  I had a great time at the show and hanging out in D.C. for the rest of the night afterwards.  A good friend of mine from Duke made the trip with me and we were hosted by some very fun friends of hers in Columbia Heights.  You can watch a video of my performance here.

The Weathermaker

I had my second photo shoot with Side Yard Studios a few weekends ago on the coast of North Carolina.  Here are a few of my favorite photos, and many thanks to Leigh for having a great vision for the shoot.